Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Awakening

Spring is a kind of wake up call in nature bringing new growth, new life, and warmer weather. It is a transitional period between the coldest months and the warmest months. The sun crossing the equator signals the beginning of spring.

Weather is often erratic in spring as the seasons shift from cold to warm. Severe weather results from the warm air masses from the lower latitudes colliding with the cold air still pushing from the polar regions. Rivers often flood from ice melt and intense thunderstorms, tornadoes are formed and winds can be exceptionally high.

Humans react to this change of seasons with spring fever characterized by excitement, energy spurts, romantic desires and an air of restlessness. We have an internal body clock that responds to the longer days - having more natural light in our lives. Melatonin, inducing sleep, is decreased while serotonin, causing a sense of elation, increases.

The majority of people tend to spend more time outdoors as the weather becomes warmer so people connect more socially. In big cities like New York City, street performers are out in full force bringing a creative energy that is infectious. Just as the flowers begin to open, bears come out of hibernation and birds return from migration, we tend to feel more alive and full of energy with the advent of spring.

Everyone knows the feeling of the perfect spring day. The sun feels warm but the air has a cool refreshing feeling. It is a balance between hot and cold - the transition between winter and summer.

Align your yoga practice with the energy of spring. Open your chest more fully and allow your poses to expand with the expanding daylight. Feel the growth of new discovery in your poses. Find the balance between the effort of muscular energy and the relaxation of expansive energy. Really feel and be aware of the transitions between poses. Just as the light of spring has a soft quality, be gentle with yourself as you experience this renewed awakening.

The equal length of day and night gives birth to spring. For a moment light and dark are balanced. Then the days become increasingly longer until they peak at the summer solstice. As we come out of the winter darkness from a place of restfulness, we come into the season of light with the spirit of awakening. Nature is infinite in her creativity. We are part of nature and share that gift. Let spring be a wake up call for you to blossom into your full potential.

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