Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dormant energy

How can something so tiny and insignificant be so powerful? In the spring, when poison ivy is barely visible, it is still very potent. Its oil, called urushiol, is concentrated in the vine, stem and roots of the plant. So when it appears to be dead or dormant, it has powerful potential. It is said to still be active for five years even after the plant is dead.

Kundalini is a dormant energy that lies coiled at the base of our spine and is envisioned as a coiled serpent. This is the natural energy of the Self that is present in every being as the universal consciousness. Our individual minds can cloak this natural energy from pure expression.

Too much exposure too quickly to dormant energy can cause harm. In the case of poison ivy handling the stem or root even before the leaves come out can cause an incredibly painful rash. Without the leaves it is often difficult to identify the poison ivy. If you lightly brush against the poison ivy leaves, many people will not have a reaction at all or the reaction will likely be less severe.

If Kundalini energy is awakened too quickly before an individual is fully prepared, it can also cause devastating effects. People who are not prepared through regular spiritual practice often experience strong body pain and mental instability. It can be very scary experiencing entities that are not physical and not understood.

For the individual who has a strong meditation practice and has a grounded spirituality, kundalini can rise more slowly and be a powerfully positive experience. That person can feel more of the oneness of Universal energy and love. They can feel their consciousness expanding infinitely. Their full potential is manifested in a balanced way with grounding energy as well as expanding energy.

Yoga has this potential to waken parts of our bodies in new and powerful ways. However if we practice yoga coming from our egos and push our bodies beyond their current capacity, we can become injured. If we use yoga poses just for physical skills, we leave some of the dormant energy untapped. But if we practice yoga mindfully and with a pure intention and balanced energy, we begin a magical journey that leads to a deeper understanding of our bodies and who we are at our deepest core.

There is dormant energy and dormant potential all around us and within us. We need to appreciate and respect the power of this energy. When we are respectful and aware of nature, we can avoid some of the negative potential power such as the virulent oils of the poison ivy plant. When we practice a sport building our skills gradually, we will know our limits and respect them leading to more enjoyment and less injury. Anything we engage in or practice from a balanced place, can allow us to experience a gradual unfolding of our full potential with equanimity and peace.

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