Sunday, February 7, 2010


... the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred...

Why do some commitments soar to amazing heights while others fall by the wayside? Why was Thomas Edison able to invent the electric light bulb, while many people cannot even complete their tax forms? What is the driving force behind commitments that succeed?

First we commit with our minds. We think about doing something. But sometimes it never goes beyond the thought of doing it.

Next we commit with our body. We actually take action towards our goal. But how often do we give up when the first few obstacles appear?

When we commit fully, we commit with our heart as well. When we commit with our heart, we are committing from a deeper place. There is a passion that fuels the commitment. Obstacles do not stop us. We become more creative in the face of difficulties.

Then the Universe comes to our aid. Unexpected opportunities present themselves. People help us in ways we never could have imagined. It is like we are connected into a flow that has energy, power, and magic.

When a trapeze artist lets go of his swing to catch his partners hands or the next swing, he cannot second guess or change his mind in mid-air. His focus must be laser-sharp and he must have a deep trust in his abilities and his partner. Intuition developed after years of practice allows the trapeze artist to fly with ease.

We can commit to our yoga practice with our minds and bodies. But if we do not feel it with our hearts the practice is limited. We can go through the poses following a form, but if we commit to our practice with our hearts we learn so much more.

In yoga we lead with our hearts physically and metaphorically. Connecting our shoulders with our back physically opens our chest. This allows us to breathe more deeply. When we integrate our shoulders with our backs we are connecting with the bigger muscles on our backs. Opening our chest is the physical manifestation of opening our hearts. When we open our hearts we connect with a Higher Power that inspires all of us.

True commitment is not fueled by obligation. It flows freely from our hearts. It manifests in our thoughts and actions. It can be felt by others. Committing with your heart leaves no room for doubt and opens the doors of perception to see the opportunities around you.

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