Friday, January 1, 2010

A Word for the Year

Do you control your mind or does your mind control you? Unconsciously our minds are constantly chattering. If left undirected they can keep repeating the same negative, self-limiting thoughts. But we can also choose to direct our thoughts in a positive way.

People typically choose resolutions for the New Year. Resolutions often don't work because they feel like something we should do. An example of a resolution would be to lose 10 pounds. This implies that we are not acceptable as we are, so we need to lose weight. Because it feels like a command rather than a voluntary action, we often end up abandoning our resolutions or unconsciously even resisting them.

By consciously choosing a word that inspires us, we can replace negative chatter with an empowering theme. The New Year is a great time to choose a word for the coming year. Be patient with the process. A word may magically appear in an instant. Or it may take days before a word comes that truly resonates with you. However it happens you will feel a sense of excitement and connection with the word when you find the word that is right for you.

You could choose a pair of words that work together. For example the words "trust" and "acceptance" teach us a lot as a pair. We can trust that things will work out but we can also accept whatever happens knowing that we do not have full control.

A great way of letting go of our patterned self-talk is to focus on our word or pair of words. Breathe in the feeling of that word. We can do this in our yoga practice. Use the breath and the embodiment of your word to power and inspire your poses. When your mind is focused in yoga the effect makes your whole body more relaxed and more powerful. This is the union of opposites. Most people would think that being relaxed and powerful would not be possible at the same time, but they actually support each other.

Write down your word. Place it where you will see it often. Come back to it daily. Observe how the concept that comes with your word can help give you more control of your mind. Think of this word as guiding your intention to be more fully who you are at your deepest core. Once we place an intention it sets a whole stream of events in motion. A bigger power is drawn to help us. Our "word" does not imply instant transformation. It can teach us awareness of our habits, blocks and gifts. Be mindful and be open to the journey as it unfolds.

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