Saturday, March 28, 2009

Learning from the Lotus

The lotus flower emerges from darkness into light with grace and beauty. It lives part time in the murky water where it thrives and replenishes itself. The lotus needs the murky waters to stay alive. It is not afraid of the dark. It honors the power of darkness and the power of light.

As a sacred symbol it represents strength, perseverance, resilience, prosperity and beauty. It symbolizes the human condition. Although we often face hardships and times of difficulty, we can rise above these situations and use them to become a brighter, fuller, more enlightened being.

When the lotus emerges from the murky water it unfolds slowly one petal at a time. It does not rush or explode open in a burst of passion. Its inner beauty is revealed in the stillness. When you look with awareness at each petal you can see the complexity in its simplicity. The myriad of patterns in each petal look similar but there are subtle differences that begin to reveal themselves. Each petal has its own beauty. Each petal is necessary to complete the lotus flower.

The lotus blossoms with the rhythms of nature. It is connected to a bigger energy that goes beyond its beauty and connection to the water. From the center of the lotus a golden stamen emerges with a sweetness that pervades the senses. We can meditate on this golden center rising up our spine and filling up our hearts with radiance and love. The growth of its pure beauty from the mud of its origin can inspire us to accept our imperfections as the source for attaining liberation from our limiting thoughts and habits.

As we practice yoga and live our lives, we can use the image of a lotus flower to accept the gradual openings and revealments that life offers. We can accept and honor that we will return to the darkness. The rhythms of nature require darkness and light. Patience is necessary and beauty will be revealed. Imagine as you feel new openings in your chest, hips, hamstrings, quads and in your attitudes that these openings are like the blooming of the lotus - gradual with a purpose. We have an invitation to be the lotus and see the possibilities of freedom and expansion coming from our darkest moments.

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