Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here comes the sun...

The Vernal equinox marks the first day of spring. The days and nights are of equal length - a perfect balance. What a special day of the year! When our life is in balance things are easier. There is a lightness in our hearts and our physical body feels better. However perfect balance never lasts. It is a place we seek but it is impermanent. We feel the balance, but then we shift to imbalance. The equinox only lasts for a day. Then the days become longer than the nights. The cycle of nature continues. But we can find balance in many forms. It comes and goes continuously.

Spring is a time of new growth: flowers bloom, trees burst with buds, birds return from their winter habitat, animals shed their winter coats and bears come out of hibernation. It is a time to sow seeds. Nature plants her garden and we can plant a garden in tune with nature. We can plant a metaphorical garden as well as a physical garden. We can plant the seed of a new intention or a new idea. We can connect to the flow of nature to help us with our journey.

One of the spring rituals is spring-cleaning. It is a time to clean out the cobwebs, get rid of clutter, and get into those places that we tend to forget. There is a surge of growth and new energy in the spring that makes it a great time to clear out what we do not need and plant something new.

The spring equinox marks a time when the days begin to become longer than the nights. The sun’s energy is more active than the moon. Tune into that feeling of a fiery energy balanced by a soft radiating quality.

As much as we can see the physical beauty of spring, we can feel the energy of spring, we can feel the spring fever. The warmth of the sun is balanced by crisp, cool air. It is a new beginning but it is also part of a cycle. Everything new comes from a place of renewal – from an ancient source.

As you practice yoga, feel the sensation of spring in your body. Feel the connection to the earth. Feel the breath being constantly renewed. Feel the energy of the sun building in your heart chakra and radiating outward. Allow this feeling to bring your poses to a new level. Allow the energy and renewal of spring to make every pose feel like it is being given a new life, a new adventure.

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