Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Dedication is not what others expect of you, it is what you can give to others.

When someone is dedicated we can feel it. There is no doubt or questioning. Dedication runs deep and is inspirational to others. It calls to us to aspire to our true potential.

There is a true story of dedication and loyalty about a dog named Hachiko who was born in Japan in 1923. He was adopted by Eisaburo Uyeno, a professor at the University of Tokyo. Hachiko and Eisaburo established a strong bond and every day Hachiko accompanied Eisaburo to catch his morning train at the Shibuya station. Without fail, Hachiko would go the station by himself in the evening to wait for the professor's return home.

One day Eisaburo suffered a stroke at the University and died before he could return home. Hachi never forgot his best friend and continued to go to the train station every day at the same time to await Eisaburo's return. He was such a familiar sight that people gave him food and attention but he never would accept a new home. Even though he was with the professor for only a little more than a year, he continued his nightly vigil for 10 years before he died.

A former student of Eisaburo's was particularly interested in Hachiko and wrote a story about him and his dedication that was published in one of the country's major newspapers. People were so moved by his story that Hachiko became a bit of a celebrity and in his old age a bronze statue of him was erected where he waited at the train station. Even after his death, the dedication Hachiko showed towards the professor continued to inspire and touch the hearts of the Japanese people and his statue is a famous and popular rendezvous spot.

When we dedicate our yoga practice to something personal and uplifting, our yoga can move to a different dimension than just practicing to stretch our muscles. Set your foundation with dedication and devotion. Fuel your practice with steadfastness and open your heart without reserve. Your breath is always dedicated to your best interests. Listen to it. Your body is so powerfully wise. Tap into that wisdom with awareness. When you dedicate yourself to something or someone out of love, a shift happens. You tap into more of your own power and the power of the universe works with you and through you. You can feel it and it affects others around you.

Hachiko's dedication never wavered because it was powered by love. Dedication gives meaning and purpose to life. It is not always easy, but without it life is dull and empty. When you dedicate to something higher than yourself, just as Hachiko dedicated himself to love, you become what you are dedicated to. When you become love, when love pulses through your whole being, you can overcome any obstacle, your life feels full and rich, and as the Beatles simply put it: love is all you need.

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