Sunday, November 14, 2010

Crow energy

Crows are highly intelligent, amazingly clever and mischievously daring. They can be as raucous as a drunken sailor or as quiet as a meditating monk. They are natural entrepreneurs when it comes to getting what they want. Generally social in character, crows know how to mingle. Their roosts can contain anywhere from two hundred to two million crows.

Legend has it that once there was a crow who was dying of thirst and finally came upon a pitcher with some water in it. Unfortunately the neck of the pitcher was too narrow for the crow to reach deep enough to get a drink. Desperately wanting that water, the crow came up with a plan. He kept gathering one pebble at time, dropping the pebbles into the pitcher until the water rose high enough that he could reach it with his beak. Finally he was able to drink the water and save his life.

We see crows almost everywhere. They live in the woods, in cities, around farmlands and in small towns. Considered pests by some, crows are a symbol of magic and mystery in many cultures. With their sharp awareness, they teach us to know ourselves and to trust our intuition and personal integrity. They remind us to see the magic and mystery in the world around us and within us.

A Spanish photographer took a picture of a crow riding on the back of a leonado vulture. The crow looks a bit like Harry Potter riding on his broom. Both have to use their skills and wits to survive in a world filled with mystery and challenges. Both have to rely on a touch of magic and ride with a bigger energy to succeed in their mission.

In yoga we also need to open to the mystery of our breath and our inner truth. We need to ride on the wings of the divine spirit to enjoy the journey of life and to feel part of something bigger. There is magic in the way that yoga helps us to open our bodies, minds and hearts even when working with the challenges that are inevitable. Use your awareness to go beyond the surface of each pose. Practice confidence and it will flow naturally throughout your practice.

Crows are so common they are easy to dismiss as nothing more than noisy neighbors. Don't let the obvious fool you. Although their feathers are black, closer observation reveals a sheen with subtle colors. The cunning of the crow comes from its ability to solve problems. Crows represent a change of consciousness. If you want to be more flexible and strong in your body and mind, let the crow inspire you to find your voice and spread your wings.

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