Sunday, October 25, 2009

Lessons from Merlin

Cats know exactly who they are and they know exactly what they want. Merlin, my feline companion, has a regal air as he trots around with his luxuriant tail held high. He moves with grace and ease. When he snuggles with me and I feel the vibration of his purring, a sense of peacefulness fills me.

Merlin has taught me many lessons over the years:
  • Purr softly and relax with the sound of your breath.

  • Be patient; wait for the right moment to spring into action.

  • Make your desires known.

  • Take good care of yourself.

  • Set your sights high. You never know how high you can leap.

  • Step softly. You don’t need to be aggressive to get attention.

  • Have fun with even the simplest of toys.

  • Explore new territory. There are an infinite number of places you can use for a cozy nap.

  • Move with grace, dignity and ease.

  • Keep your senses alert. Life is more exciting this way.

  • Stretch deeply. Savor your long flexible spine.

  • Fully delight in the small things in life.

  • Be curious. There is always something new waiting to be discovered.

  • Enjoy the company of friends and snuggle quietly together.

  • If you fall, be quick to land on your feet and bounce right back.

  • Believe in yourself. You are beautiful!
Let the energy of the cat inspire your yoga practice. Be curious about how to make subtle changes in alignment and how your mind and body feel with those changes. Delight in the small details of the pose and move with grace and awareness as you transition from pose to pose. Honor your body - do not push yourself beyond your limits. Know that pain is an indication to stop and not a challenge to keep going in the same direction.

Be patient. Changing habits and attitudes takes time. Let the energy of the cat inspire you to walk softly with power, be curious even about the things you see everyday and spring into action when the right moment arrives.

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