Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tapping into our healing powers

Dandelions burst forth in the spring with an energy that seems boundless. They show up almost everywhere. Although small in stature the dandelion possesses powerful qualities. The French origin of the word - dent de lion - means tooth of the lion. The power of the lion is behind its soft outward appearance with strong healing medicine in all its parts.

The leaves are extremely nutritious containing multiple vitamins as well as beta carotene, iron, calcium, biotin, inositol, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and zinc. The roots can be used to strengthen the entire body, especially the liver and gallbladder, where it promotes the flow of bile, reduces inflammation of the bile duct, and helps get rid of gall stones. Dandelion leaves are a great digestive tonic and increase energy.

Adaptability allows the dandelion to live under the most adverse conditions. They are independent, wild and free. What a wonderful energy to be blessed with! If you damage a dandelion, it will regenerate with ease. It reproduces with wild abandon being a great lover of life. Shining with a cheery disposition, the golden color of the flower radiates like a bright smile.

Emulate the dandelion as you practice yoga. Feel the energy of the feet and hands rooting into the earth energy like the tap root of the dandelion. Be aware of how that rootedness gives a stability that allows you to be flexible and strong. Practice feeling the power from within extending outward with softness. Feel the freedom of adaptability. Radiate your inner energy outward in all directions. Know that inherently you possess great healing powers. Yoga helps to make you aware of those powers and gives you the tools to access them.

Bring the energy of the dandelion into your life. From a center rooted in compassion, freely share your unique gifts with others. Take a moment to look at the beauty of a dandelion puff ball. Notice how each individual seed pod is like a star with a soft white brilliance. Breathe in an intention. With an exhalation send the seeds on a journey. Watch as the seeds scatter with the lightness that can only be found when we accept our journey wherever it may lead.

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