Sunday, January 25, 2009

Core Awareness

Think of the word “core”. What does that word mean to you? It is a simple basic word with a lot of power behind it.

Core can refer to:
  • our abdomen – strengthening that area of our body

  • our gut – having that “gut” feeling when you know something without conscious thought

  • a basic, essential, or enduring part (of an individual, a class, or an entity)

  • the essential meaning or gist (the core of the argument)

  • the inmost or most intimate part (honest to the core)
The core of our emotions is our heart.
The core of the solar system is the sun
The core of the earth and sun are hot fiery places bursting with energy and power
The core of an atom is its nucleus
The core of a fruit contains its seeds – the creation of life – something necessary to continue its existence.

When we have a strong core, we move with more ease through life. In yoga we want to move from the core. Remembering to engage the core protects our backs, roots our foundation, allows more opening in the chest.

Engaging the core does not mean hardening or tightening the core. It means to send attention and power to the core, but to also allow for movement and softness. We use the power of the core to lift and expand. Over and over again we strive to find the balance of effort and surrender, moving inward and moving outward, pulsing with our inner breath and the breath of the universe.

Take a moment to sit or lie down quietly, close your eyes and feel your breath.
  • Think of a core ideal for yourself – something that you aspire towards.
  • Think of a core value – something you would hold sacred, something that motivates your life.
  • Think of a core idea – something that inspires you, something that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning.
  • Think of your core, your essence. Who are you? Where is your bliss?
  • Think of your core quality – what do you embody in your life, in your interactions with others? Patience? Forgiveness? Generosity? Compassion? Nurturing? Kindness? Acceptance?
The word “Coeur” in French means heart. The word “cor” in Latin means heart. Core has a connection with our belly and our heart. Both work in tandem to give us support and expansion. Both are essential to live with freedom and purpose.

Use some of these thoughts to set an intention for your day, your week or whatever time-frame you want. Feel the sweetness of the belly engaging and the heart opening. Feel the power of being present in this moment.

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