Monday, December 22, 2008


Trust often involves taking action. It is not passive. Trust is inherently optimistic.
  • Trust yourself. You must first strongly believe in and love yourself.
  • Trust your own innate wisdom. Take quiet time to access your innermost feelings and thoughts.
  • Trust that you are connected to something bigger. There is more than what can be seen by the naked eye.
  • Trust that there is a higher power that loves you deeply.
  • Trust that the universe is conspiring in your favor.
  • Trust that you can do more than you think but you must take that first step.
  • Trust the laws of nature. Everything ultimately seeks balance.
  • Trust that you can take that leap of faith.
  • Trust your gut feeling.
  • Trust your vision.
  • Trust in the lightness of being. Tread lightly upon this earth. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Trust often involves others but we can only trust others if we have trust in ourselves.

In our yoga practice we need to trust ourselves and trust in the principles of yoga. Not every pose is right for everybody. And not every pose is right for everyone everyday. If you are injured you need to respect your body. If you feel pain it is your body saying no to that action.

Trust in using the principles of yoga to help you go deeper. Trust in the power of your breath. Trust in the value of working from your core. Trust in the balance of energy drawing inward and energy extending outward.

Opening your heart involves trust. Fully opening our chests reflects that inner and outer trust. The more trust we build in ourselves the more trust we can extend to others. Feeling trust has a sense of freedom. It feels good.

In sports we learn the lesson of looking in the direction we want to go. Looking at what we fear will only produce undesired results. So take the leap of faith. Trust in yourself and let your actions on and off the mat reflect this trust.

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