Friday, May 29, 2009

Balance in Motion

Designed for speed, the cheetah moves with the perfect balance of muscular and organic energy. Recognized as the fastest land animal, nature has endowed the cheetah with large nostrils. lungs, liver, heart and adrenals to handle top speeds. Its bones are light and vertical collar bones help to lengthen its stride. Its spine works as a spring for the powerful back legs to stretch out almost horizontal to the ground when at top speed. The cheetah has been recorded at speeds up to 71 mph. The cheetah knows this speed is its edge and maintains it only for 200 - 300 yards. Its powerful intention to kill its prey for survival helps fuel this incredible speed.

When we tune into nature and tune into our own unique nature as human beings we can maximize our power and potential. If we create a strong intention we can achieve amazing feats. Yoga can help us learn how to balance muscular and organic energy. We have the innate knowledge of how to move, how to stand, how to rest and how to eat. But when we live out of balance, dictated too much by pressures of our jobs or desires to attain more wealth or prestige, we temporarily restrict our potential to live with optimal freedom and enjoyment.

We are all part of nature with similar needs. When we listen and respect the wisdom of our body and move with balance and integrity, we can reach our full potential and feel true enjoyment in our daily lives. So be inspired by the beauty and power of the cheetah. Take a moment to close your eyes and picture the cheetah energy in your body. Feel its supple spine alive with movement and length. Feel the strength in its hind legs and the stretch of its stride. A cheetah is connected to its own power. It does not doubt or second-guess itself. It moves with complete assurance and grace. Connect with the energy of the cheetah and find the freedom that comes from the balance of power and expansion.

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